Fergie’s Pink Hope

MyOwnJudge - Fergie FFANYOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month. That wasn’t news, right?

What used to be a hard job to promote and to educate has now become well known facts. The gentlemen battling it out on the football field as I munch on chips and dip and yell at the screen have pink gloves, sneaker soles, and everything else their Reebok and the rest of the sponsors thought of, including items you can bring home (scrubs, ornaments, bracelets; you name it – NFL shop has it).

Other brands and stores are overcome with pinkmania in support of the cause. It can be deduced that mankind is quite fond of the breast!

If you have a hard time choosing where you can allocate your funds best for optimal use, look no further than Fergie’s partnership with FFANY.

QVC‘s FFANY Shoes on Sale event starts on October 15th 7-10pm ET (this coming Friday), with soles for the giving soul. All shoes’ proceeds will go 100% to leading hospitals and research organizations, but better yet for you – they will be half off their retail price as well.

Fergie‘s Hope shoe from her Fall 2010 collection will be joining the crowd of the shoes donated to QVC for the cause, and will be selling for $45 (half off the original selling price).

How will you be supporting the cause?

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