Charity at Forever21

Forever21Forever 21 has caught a lot of heat for being the store to create super cheap items more often than not very close to being complete copies of runway sensations. Then there’s the matter of their human relations, the eco-friendly questions of the garments with expiration dates, etc. Yes – all of that. I have no answer to any of those concerns or questions. I do however know what you can do at the store as of yesterday. Help a worthy cause.

Photo Courtesy of FEED, Graphics Courtesy of

Go in for a cute top or dress for the holidays and snatch up a FEED bracelet or five. The purchase of one supplies two school meals for children through the United Nations World Food Program.

FEED 2 Guatemala Bracelets are handcrafted by artisans in Guatemala, these charming glass-beaded, nylon-strung bracelets come in 6 fun colors: red, yellow, blue, gold, silver, and black.

Each color represents the country designated to receive the 2 school meals that are provided with the purchase of every bracelet. Each hand-beaded FEED logo bracelet measures approximately 6“ long, with 3″ ties on both ends.

RED: Provides 2 school meals in Swaziland, a country with the highest HIV prevalence in the world.
YELLOW: Provides 2 school meals in Sri Lanka, aiding millions of citizens still struggling with the effects of 2004’s devastating tsunami, coupled with a quarter century of civil war.
BLUE: Provides 2 school meals in Haiti, a country in which approximately 70% of children under 5 years old suffer from malnutrition.
GOLD: Provides 2 school meals in Honduras, which houses the third largest School Feeding Operation in the world.
SILVER: Provides 2 school meals in Pakistan to aid victims of the recent flood and earthquake that devastated millions Pakistani children.
BLACK: Provides 2 school meals in Kenya, benefiting over one million children within the U.N. World Food Program’s School Feeding Operations in Kenya.

What color(s) do you want to get?

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Fergie’s Pink Hope

MyOwnJudge - Fergie FFANYOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month. That wasn’t news, right?

What used to be a hard job to promote and to educate has now become well known facts. The gentlemen battling it out on the football field as I munch on chips and dip and yell at the screen have pink gloves, sneaker soles, and everything else their Reebok and the rest of the sponsors thought of, including items you can bring home (scrubs, ornaments, bracelets; you name it – NFL shop has it).

Other brands and stores are overcome with pinkmania in support of the cause. It can be deduced that mankind is quite fond of the breast!

If you have a hard time choosing where you can allocate your funds best for optimal use, look no further than Fergie’s partnership with FFANY.

QVC‘s FFANY Shoes on Sale event starts on October 15th 7-10pm ET (this coming Friday), with soles for the giving soul. All shoes’ proceeds will go 100% to leading hospitals and research organizations, but better yet for you – they will be half off their retail price as well.

Fergie‘s Hope shoe from her Fall 2010 collection will be joining the crowd of the shoes donated to QVC for the cause, and will be selling for $45 (half off the original selling price).

How will you be supporting the cause?

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Pure Luxe – Beauty for a Cause

Hey guys!

I don’t often open up about personal aspects of my life, b/c I prefer to overshare on surface aspects so that I don’t find people at my doorway waiting for me and such 🙂

There are certain things, however, that are very close to my heart, as you are about to find out. Some history: in high school, a friend of a friend decided to honor a teacher that had passed by starting a club in her honor. She had lost a long battle to cancer, and so the Find A Cure club was created to raise funds and awareness for cancer. The first year, we raised $1,000 in a team of 20 or 30. We were some hellraisers I tell ya.

As the friends graduated, Yaya took over the ranks as president, and we continued to raise money for various charities ($2,000 the next year) as well as participate in walks and community service.

Though high school is long gone, the desire to help others isn’t. And I hope it’s not lost on y’all either.

Introducing: Pure Luxe Benefit Limited Edition colors to raise funds for the founder’s mother. Take a peek below at the excerpt from the Benefit page, and click over to order something!

Pure Luxe has affordable products (the sample jars of shadows are $1.00 and more than enough filled with product – at least 15 applications worth), the shipping is cheap & is affordable for international as well, plus the products are super pigmented, and ALWAYS look great.

I wanted to show proof of that but apparently, the computer does not share my desires. Being the resourceful me that I am lol – I did find a user on YouTube that posted two videos of swatches.


The benefit colors were created all for my mom, with 100% of the proceeds going to hospital bills.

These are LIMITED EDITION COLORS, and will never be made or sold again after they are sold out.

I will be donating all of the jars, etc, so 100% of the sales will be donation.

Her biggest dread has been losing her hair. I just couldn’t even imagine. As women, our hair is so much a part of who we are 😦 I told her I would get her any wigs that she wanted.
My dad is retired, and has heath problems of his own. I have helped all I could, but with Bruce’s (my husband) recent hospital drama, I am really tapped out on any extra money to do more.

As many of my regular customers may remember, last year I did 2 benefit colors for a friend, Tinkerbelle. She had breast cancer, and her limited insurance did not pay for any of the reconstruction costs, which was $10,000.00
Due to the generosity and compassion of the greatest customers in the world (and all over the world!) We raised over $5000.00, and made the difference!!
This time, it is even closer to my heart, my mom. A special wife, sister, mom, grandma, and lady.

As an added thank you, if you purchase 4 or more BENEFIT items, any of the regular line items you purchase will be 20% off.
To help save some confusion, this is how the % off will work…

  • If you purchase 4 or more of the benefit colors listed on this page, you will be entitled to 20% off anything else you purchase from the Pure Luxe line. (Valid only at the time of purchase.)
  • Of course, the benefit colors will remain at the full price (you will not receive 20% back on these).
  • When your order is received and printed for filling (1-3 days), we will verify you have the 4 benefit items, and calculate the 20% discount for all the other items. At that time, you will receive a refund back for the discounted amount.
  • You will not see the discount at the time you submit your order. Please be patient and it will be refunded back.
  • My biggest secret hope is that I will be flooded with benefit orders 🙂 Please be patient and know that I will be filling orders 24 hours a day if needed.
  • I will be keeping a running tally under each color you let everyone see the volume being sold.