Accessorize Me Rachel!

MyOwnJudge - Rachel Roy MacysIt is unclear what makes one month that much more special than others, but May by far has taken the cake. It brought some long lasting warm weather, flowers, get togethers, sales, the end of school (for me), and many more. The credit can’t go all to May, but I feel like it deserves some credit.

The Makeup Show is one of the great events coming up (this Sunday and Monday! you coming?), and I’m giddy. It comes once a year to New York, and beyond the shopping and close proximity to the beauty industry extravaganza, it’s also a great time to meet ladies from all over the east coast (and even internationally) that fashionably arrive for the event. I’ve had my share of being stood up with style choices (I often aim for comfort because I’m familiar with my shopping habits and knack for carrying far too much on these here shoulders), so I made a quick visit to Macy’s to get a leg up. The accessories counters are fantastico. Maybe it’s my shopping diet, maybe it’s my recent need to clean out my unnecessary belongings, but everything looked so darn cute. The start player? Rachel Roy! I still tried to remain faithful to some sort of budget, so I kept the trip short and stuck to earrings. Let me know which catch your eye.MyOwnJudge - Rachel Roy MacysMyOwnJudge - Rachel Roy MacysMyOwnJudge - Rachel Roy Macys
Buy any accessories lately?

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Blazing into and through Spring

MOJ Blazers for springYesterday, right before I had to go to class, I made sure to give myself the right amount of time to head into Macy’s to check out the new MAC collections so that I could purchases some new products with my gift card with minimal guilt. What a great student, right?

Image Credit: DeviantArt artist picturelock

As a prelude, let me tell you that my new favorite pastime is checking out the selection that Macy’s  has in the INC International Concepts collection. They’ve got some stunners y’all! My current list of wants includes a yellow top with a black contrast zipper and ruffle center and a cropped light gray blazer. But that’s if I were to limit myself. If I were to indulge myself, I’d go nuts.

The point of my story though, is that the blazer has evolved from being a corporate wardrobe must have and sometimes jacket, to a staple in many a gal’s closet. What once was trendy in the ‘boyfriend’ variety (think tunic length with a dash of masculine) is now current in all shapes and sizes, from tunic length to cropped, and from long sleeves to wherever you want to roll it up. During Fashion Week, my black cotton three quarter sleeve blazer from Uniqlo was a godsend because not only did the fabric move with me freely, but the pockets were spacious enough to accommodate some business cards, a phone, a gloss, a pen, and sometimes even a camera. As I wore it then and again through the week I thought to myself, this baby is going to put in some serious work until bathing suit season.

That got me thinking. How does one gal stand out from another as spring arrives. Spring, notorious for the resurgence of bright, if not a pastel version, of colors, is still chilly enough for us to use our layering genius to partner a variety of tops under a blazer or two. No one wants to buy a different blazer for each top, and no one wants to look like they’re wearing the same thing everyday. What to do?

Perfect the Feel and Fit
If you don’t already have the perfect blazer, make sure your blazer hugs you just the way you want it to. Does it hug your biceps too tight when you raise your arms? Does it look good buttoned and unbuttoned? The bevy of cotton blazers on the market make it easy for the blazer to sit better than a conventional suit jacket you may see on businessmen and women. These tend to hug your curves like a tee or a soft sweater, giving the illusion that you paid big bucks for your garment. Also – the fabric allows for breath-ability – pretty important when the weather starts getting warmer. You should consider this when trying out fleece options that may seem cute but will bite you in the butt the day you start sweating as if under interrogation. Also to consider? Possible uses of the garment. If you want to roll up your sleeves, etc. make sure that the fabric is going to allow you that leeway.

Getting a big blazer? A boxy blazer makes a big statement, but you don’t want it to say that you’re the one that’s big. Make sure to keep your waist defined with a belt if you have loose pants, or slip on some skinny jeans!

Go for the Details
When looking for a blazer to stand out, a black one may seem practical for its multipurpose nature, but why not gray? Varying levels of gray are on racks in stores everywhere vying for your attention. If you really don’t want to budge from the black, check the lining for a fun pattern. This will show in the event that you roll up your sleeves (and you should!). Ruffles and sequins are also great details on the sleeves, collars, buttons, waists, pockets, where have you.

You’re so Bright
Choosing a color that compliments a lot of others in your closet is key in making an item worth its cost. I like to stay away from white blazers because I am guaranteed to fudge it up within minutes. I stick to gray and black. Their friendliness with all the other colors in my closet gives me the push to break out the brights. Wear yellow, pink, purple, etc. under your blazer. Try ruffle tops and let the ruffle come out over the center of your blazer (think of a lion’s chest). Take a tip from our nation’s first lady and invest in a bunch of pins. Use one or several to dress up your blazer. Patches work just as well (but make sure to pin them and not iron them on if you want to change them up!). My favorite tip (don’t ever say I don’t share my secrets!)? I like to use to pins to connect a necklace across the collar. Not your cup of tea? Go to the fabric store and get yourself some unique buttons, and change the buttons out on your blazer. You can even roll up your sleeves and add a new button on each side to keep them from rolling down.

If all else fails, rock a bib necklace to accent the life out of that sucker.

If you’re a party princess, you can party up in your blazer too. Wear it over a dress, a lace top, a bustier, or even a bra. Confidence is key. Wear what makes you feel good.

Here are some great blazers at Macy’s under $100. Which one is your taste?

Grass Jeans at ShopStyle

Do you have any blazers for spring? How do you dress them up?

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Hey kids

In the month of February, I have been to two birthday parties. Both for cute lil’ one year olds. One for a girl and one for a boy. I find it funny that as I think about these looks they are both using similar makeup. Of course, of course – inspiration boards as well!

Take a look and tell me what you think. Don’t forget about the contest up above y’all!

Olivia’s 1st Birthday

As you can see, I didn’t go over one eye to match the hues, so you have a bright eye and a subdued eye. Oh well – I was late!

Guerlain Eye Shadow Base (got it at Sephora but can’t find anywhere online-stay tuned)
Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow (Sephora)
H14 Proenza Schouler Blue
Body Shop
Natural Minerals (The Body Shop)
in 06 Molten Bronze
Inimitable Mascara (Macy‘s)
in 10 Black

Johari’s 1st Birthday

Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow as base (Sephora)
H2 White Lights
Milani Runway Eyes Eye Shadow (Walgreen’s)
in Shamrock
Body Shop Natural Minerals (The Body Shop)
in 06 Molten Bronze
Inimitable Mascara (Macy‘s)
in 10 Black

TARDY: Fat Tuesday//Mardi Gras EOTD

So yesterday was Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras (Wikipedia: Fat Tuesday). This was the first time that I did anything or was involved in anything. My coworker treated the whole staff to King cake (another tradition I was unawares to). She also treated us to beads (no topless acts included). The colors of the beads inspired an EOTD – below.

Grabbing the Slice

Makeup Forever (MUFE) Flash Color in Fard Gras as base (Sephora)
Milani E/S Palette in 10 Haute Couture (CVS)
Chanel Inimitable Mascara in 10 Black(Macy’s)
Sephora Smudge Brush #14 (Sephora)

Still getting used to the right way to photograph as well as edit and post, so bear with me! 🙂

All this excitement also made me create an inspiration
board of sorts for Mardi Gras. Tell me what you think.

What did you do yesterday? Do you have any Mardi Gras stories/looks?