Lip Service

MyOwnJudge - Lip TrendsThe magazines and websites are ablaze with lip colors that are trending this season. The truth of the matter is that anything bright is on par with the trends. The standout colors shouldn’t be too surprising, as they always peek their heads out as soon as the sun comes out to play for real. Case in point: orange and pink. A newcomer to the popular table is the lilac and purple lipstick. Let’s blame it on the gals who take the stage in costumes your mother would never advise you wear. As far as the red – well that one never goes out of style. A bright red lip is a bad-mamajama all year, come rain sleet or snow (and unlike the postal service, it doesn’t take days off).

I love the orange trend the most because a lot of the times it comes off as a red depending on what shade you get it in, and how you wear it, and it makes your teeth look brighter than your toothpaste ever could. Though I have favorite lipsticks for all of the shades, the hands down winner is the selection of colors by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics with their Lip Tars. The best thing with them is that you can even mix them to customize your own color.

p.s. I had to add a celebrity example in a variety of skin tones because I don’t want to hear anyone say the color doesn’t look good on their skin. Retire that mindset!

Which color tickles your fancy the most?

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ORLY nails

Continuing my nail craze, I have grouped together some polishes with the same company. The ones today are from ORLY. These creams are always kind to your nails and define the word cream. A lot of the time they need a bit of extra maintenance, as they require more coats than usual, but all is forgiven. These polishes are perfect for summer and lighthearted manis, and the darker colors get heavier in consistency as if they know that you’ll be wearing them when the weather drops and will be less patient with coats.

Photobucket Photobucket
ORLY Enchanted Forest
This is a green shade I am falling madly in love with. It’s like a mudy emerald green and applies like a dream. The color seems to be the type that is the perfect equation for happily ever after with anyone’s nails, and I’m glad this time they were mine. On the right is a matte version (using China Glaze Matte Magic top coat).

ORLY Sol Cabana
A very cute cream sorbet-ish orange. The color itself looks delicate and soft right? Though it has a bit of a sheer coverage issue, I think it works just right. Maybe even with a white puffy jacket in the middle of the slopes?

Photobucket Photobucket
This peachy pink is of course hard to photograph. All the pinks in my life refuse to be photographed. Rowdy ladies. The actual color of OMG is somewhere between the left (no flash) and the right (with flash). Barely lets your nail shine through and conveys the super sweet with a side of sexy. (Hope that makes sense)

I tried to Konad it up with the black Konad polish, and Color Club in Revvolution for the paint splat (don’t like how it came out).


It was hard as rocks to get the lace like pattern apply evenly on the nail. I’m still undecided if I approve. Like it?

What colors do you have on your digits? What colors should I wear next?

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