Talk About It

Tell me this y’all:

What product would cause the apocalypse for you if it was discontinued?

I can’t live without lipgloss in general (and am quite attached to Too Faced Mirror Gloss), but I also don’t go anywhere without my Chanel and MAC mascara. EVER. I would be one sad pup to ever see them pass. I would probably be devastated though, if mascara and lip gloss ceased to exist.

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What would leave you in shambles?

Let’s Discuss

Talk It Out Tuesdays is what I thought of for the one undecided day left in my schedule.

So let’s do it chil’ren! 🙂

Glamour asked: “Have you ever actually finished an eyeshadow?”

That got me thinking… I have had to throw many out. I have come to dislike some, broke many, lost a few. But have I ever seen the bottom of one? Not I.

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I have seen the bottom of plenty a lip gloss. ONE concealer (MUFE!!). Only the bottom of clear nail polishes. The bottom of a perfume bottle, lotion, etc.

Never a mascara || Never a lipstick || Never an eyeshadow || Never a blush || Never a nail polish bottle that’s not clear.

How about you? (Free Shipping)