Hayden’s Alpha Hair

MyOwnJudge - Hayden Panettiere at LondonLondon’s screening of the 3D movie, Alpha and Omega  brought out leading voice Hayden Panettiere with a furry friend in tow.

The story about two wolves trying to make their way home, stars Justin Long and Hayden Panettiere as the female and male wolf. In the beginning, they are not fans of each other at all, but the rest requires watching.

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome

Hayden showed up to the London premiere looking casual and super chic with all the attention on her furry date and her hair. She had on a sequin, oversized tunic, gray skinnies, neutral pumps, and a gray clutch. Everything in the outfit is blah compared to the hair.

The new haircut was old pixie cut mob news for me until I saw this ‘do. It looks as though she used gel and texturizing putty to make several strands stand out, and the rest sit by and invite the spotlight.

This hairstyle seems genius for both the quickness in which you can accomplish it, and the way it can apply to both long and short hair.
MyOwnJudge - Hayden Panettiere at London
To copy the look:

  1. Brush your your hair like normal. Brush some gel through your hair with something that hold it great like Tresemme Gel Clean Hold – Extra Hold or Tresemme Gel Mega Hold Sculpting Gel. Use it sparingly so that you don’t start looking like you are emulating the male cast from the Jersey Shore.
  2. Separate the bang area from your right side, above the outer corner of your right eye. Make it one to two inches thick so that you can split it up.
  3. Separate the remainder of hair on your right side, from the part you made, all the way down to your ear. Twist this bunch, applying some putty (I recommend Phyto Matte Texturizing Paste or Phyto Fiber Paste). Pin this piece a bit under the rest of the hair in the back so that the twist disappears flawlessly.
  4. Twist the bangs similarly as in step 3, this time separating the hair into two horizontally. Try to use the paste sparingly so that you have some softness and movement in the style. Twist it until you reach above your left ear and reach it back under the rest of the hair again.
  5. Finish the look with a bit of oil hairspray (try Palmers Olive Oil Formula Hair & Scalp Conditioner Spray 5.1 oz. – it’s less than five bucks!). All the gel and putty you used is going to harden a bit, so some oil sheen on the top will soften the hair and add some natural shine.

I’m a sucker for kids movies. Remember when Happy Feet was in theaters? Yup – saw that three times in the theaters and then bought two copies on dvd. Don’t judge me! If you live with a young crumbsnatcher or are a fan of kids movies, this seems like one to check out. Hayden‘s look? I think that’s worth a re-enactment as well!

Will you be trying this hairdo?

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First Ever Tutorial!

The Simon Duncan fashion show had me excited to try out my first ever tutorial for you guys. I have to give a huge round of applause for the ladies and gents that do this on a regular basis because it is a painstaking process – do you know how many pictures and editing goes into it?!

The look was a pretty natural face & a smokey, black eye with gold sparkle in it and very light bronze contour with a neutral lip. The first thing I thought of when I saw this look was my Stila 24k smudge pot. I dug around for some more Stila goodies and created a one brand look.

I’m already a fan of Stila as you may know, their shadows & gel liners are ultra longlasting and apply like silk. Plus – who hasn’t had a clickable lipgloss from them? I used them up like candy! Click after the jump to see the good stuff.

To achieve this look, you can use the products mentioned below, and pair them with your shade of foundation/concealer, and eye primer (I usually put some concealer on my lids to prime the eyes if I don’t have primer handy).

MOJ Stila Tutorial

  • Stila Eyeshadow duos in: Punaluu (buy at Amazon) and Salome (sold out on Stila & Sephora – google away!)
  • Stila 24kt Smudge pot- golden noir (buy at Stila)
  • Stila Pomegranate Crush lip and cheek stain (buy at Amazon)
  • Stila Convertible mascara in black (check out my review here). (buy at Amazon).

Before you start reading the tutorial, there is homework: prep and prime on your own. Everyone has different habits and products, so feel free to use your own. Whatever makes your skin the most comfortable and matches the best is optimal!

MOJ Stila Tutorial

    MOJ Stila Tutorial

  • 1. With a wet brush, dip into the black shade of Punaluu and make a mark for what shape you want in the corner of your eye. I like to do this so that both eyes are even. Plus this doesn’t pull on your skin like using tape would.
  • 2. Wet your brush a bit more and use more of the same shade from Punaluu to create a thick line.
  • 3. Blend the line and your marker in the corner of your eye. I like to do this to create a soft background for the look. This helps you create a gradient look without trying too hard at all!
  • 4. Using a liner brush, dip into some of your smudge pot and go over the area you lined in step 2. Do not extend too high as you will have to blend this out (think about how much of your eye you want to cover for this look & apply accordingly).

    MOJ Stila Tutorial

      MOJ Stila Tutorial

    • 5. Add a second or third layer of the smudge pot. Since it is a gel, it might start to get really thin when you begin the blending process.
    • 6. Blend until there is no more harsh line, or until you reach the effect you are looking for. This is where you need to see if you want the black to extend higher along your lid or not.
    • 7. Use the darker bronze color from Salome where the smudge pot starts to fade out. This creates a warm bronze-y glow.

    MOJ Stila Tutorial

      MOJ Stila TutorialMOJ Stila Tutorial

    • 8. Use the lighter shade from Salome to apply (very lightly – this is just for a light shimmer) from your the center of your eyelid to the brow.
    • 9. Blend the colors. I added a bit more of the shades from Salome both in the middle and at the top (you can spot some more shimmer on my lid in this step, can’t ya?).
    • 10. Apply mascara to lower and upper lids. (Not pictured: Apply Pomegranate Lip and Cheek stain lightly on lips and either cover with clear gloss or leave as is).

    You’re finished!

    Here’s how it looks:

    MOJ Stila FOTD MOJ Stila FOTD

    What y’all think about this tutorial? Do you want more? Let me know!

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