Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow Duo

MyOwnJudgeI never thought the day would come when Victoria’s Secret would add eyeshadow flat pans to their Beauty Rush line, as opposed to continually expanding their baked shadows. A baked shadow makes me as happy as the next makeup lover, but I have this thing about organization, and pulling out pans and placing them in the containers I want with the color themes the mind fancies.MyOwnJudgeThough cute, the packaging seems to be a little extra for the amount of product you’re buying. It reminds me of the pods (if that’s what they were called) used in The Jetsons to get around. Maybe it’s meant to make the shadow somewhat shatterproof – something to test and report!MyOwnJudgeI picked a nondescript light cream and khaki color combination Snow Toasty (and it seems it is no longer for sale online). The shadow is pretty silky to the touch.MyOwnJudgeColor swatches on paper, and on skin:MyOwnJudgeI applied the colors both dry and wet and was a bit underwhelmed. It barely gives much to write home about when dry, and appropriate for a neutral look when applied wet. The colors sell two for $12 or five for $20, with no limit to what you mix together – mascara, lip gloss, a lipstick, and a shadow duo? Be my guest. Within the price range it’s forgivable, but it’s more of a skip unless you wanted a nondescript neutral duo.

Have you tried these duos?

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