Hello world!

Hi! It’s-a-me! Yaya!

After a suuuuuper duper long hiatus, I have returned to the blogging world! You may remember me as MyOwnJudge (blogger or .net!).

I realized that after getting most of my affairs in order (we’re not perfect), I missed talking makeup, reviewing products, and that frankly neither my dog nor boo was interested in listening (yes I tried. Pooch was into it at first…).

The switch to Sometimes Yaya? Well… my style, my personality, my ideas, they don’t fit a mold. Sometimes they match the popular stream, sometimes they match absolutely nothing. And that’s just fine! I can be a consonantĀ and a vowel dagnabbit!

I look forward to seeing you guys here more often (or at all… ha!). Keep the conversation going with me across social media (IG/Twitter/Snap/Pinterest @SometimesYaya) while I figure this all out and churn out some content!


p.s. the image above is me messing around with ‘watercolor’ markers/brushes and maybe a logo. Let me know your thoughts!

p.p.s. I amĀ very exclamation point friendly at this point in my life… #sorrynotsorry

p.p.p.s. Last one – promise. I finally figured out how to import the data and posts from MOJ. The posts below this are from five years ago when I could be found bloggin-a-plenty. Disregard any design, spelling, and/or image sizing snafus. Just reminisce on the memories.

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Makeup Your Swimsuit

MyOwnJudge Mix and Match SwimsuitsThe day is upon us to hit the sandy shores of the beaches around us (or a flight away). Actually, if you’re more of a ‘glass half empty’ person, the days are dwindling, and we are wasting time at our computers (unless you’re the smarty pants reading on a gadget while sprawled out on a beach chair).

Various publications are clamoring for us to learn about which bathing suits are new and fresh, and which patterns are the hottest. The best part to it all is the advent of mixing and matching bathing suits. Originally, the concept was set forth to accommodate the different shapes of consumers (I mean really – who has a perfect combination of identical sized tops and bottoms?!), now it is perfect for renewing your swimwear the same way you would your closet (as is recommended for thrifty guys and gals).

I’ve seen people sport a solid complimentary top to their print bottom (or vice versa), and even less often have I seen two similarly colored patterned pieces together. At the end of the day, though I’m all for it, I can’t seem to muster up the guts to mix up my swimsuit. Celebs Audrina Patridge and Megan Fox have no fear when it comes to their suits. It just feels like I have on two different patterned socks in kindergarten and someone is laughing at me. Just me?

Do you mix and match?

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Versace Menswear Trends

MyOwnJudge Versace Fashion Show MenswearThe Versace menswear runway was ripe with green lights for trends in menswear that were once considered strictly for females.The pastel suit above isn’t really new, but the tailoring and monochromatic styling is definitely current. The neutral tone accents work perfectly with the outfit and would compliment any skin tone (the yellow is also ideal to bring out a tan!).MyOwnJudge Versace Fashion Show MenswearEnter the high-waist pant. I smell trouble for this, considering that there is different packaging on the guys vs. the gals. Thoughts?MyOwnJudge Versace Fashion Show MenswearLast but not least, my favorite bright color pairing! The vibrant pink and orange duo has been famous for years now, and doesn’t look too shabby on a fella (although this is way brighter than on a female, when taking into account the fact that sleeves and full length pants hold lots more fabric than a minidress).

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Manly Colors

[It seems to be natural for my scheduled posts to boycott just when I need them. The following will be posts that got cold feet and never launched!]Milan Fashion Week - D Squared MenswearMilan Fashion Week continued with my favorite conundrum. How much color is allowed in menswear? Do they get the full spectrum of the color wheel, or are there limits?Milan Fashion Week - D Squared MenswearWhile I am a huge supporter of all things bright, you can see from the below posts that even I have to draw the line somewhere (namely floral patterns). A bright neon pant or a lavender blazer though? That’s still macho enough for me.Milan Fashion Week - D Squared Menswear
Do you know males who aren’t shy with colors?

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Milan Fashion Week – Colorful Males

MyOwnJudge Milan Fashion Week Enrico CoveriMilan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2012 is going full steam ahead, just as the first days of summer are registering on the calendars. The front rows for the shows seem to be more star studded than New York Fashion Week (and I’m surprised because it’s all the US people taking up the seats!).

The men’s shows are nothing new in the realms of structure and sewing techniques. If you ever doubt the dependable nature of a man, don’t doubt the menswear. From button downs to blazer, every tuck is in the right place for perfect draping. Once there, the standout becomes the styling and pairing of the outfit with (or without) accessories… and color!MyOwnJudge Milan Fashion Week Enrico CoveriAs you may have found out through several rants about the love of color, yours truly is a fan. Make it bright and it’s all right. But on men? I can dig a pink shirt or pastels, but when the fellas start encroaching on floral territory, or pairing on trend hues straight from the girly racks, my eyebrows head upwards. Designer Enrico Coveri‘s collection was decked out with the best of the best sun-kissed colors and (tastefully) bright pairings.MyOwnJudge Milan Fashion Week Enrico CoveriI’m just not sure I’m sold on a guy in floral pants. The above paisley and graphic linear prints in vibrant colors (or the pairing of khaki and coral) are a great infusion of fashion into what is normally seen as drab navy and browns of the menswear, but florals? Verdict is still out.

Image credit: Zimbio

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Barr + Barr Sample Sale

MyOwnJudge - Barr + Barr GiveawayWhile I was overjoyed for Gertrude who won the Barr + Barr giveaway, nothing would make me happier than to own one for myself. Perfect timing for wishes as their sample sale is coming up. What beats owning a luxury handbag? Getting it for half off or more! If you’re from New York, or the surrounding area, you better believe I’ll be seeing you there!

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NYC Pride

MyOwnJudge New York Color Nail PolishDrugstore madness continues! I snagged a couple of the new colors from the New York Color spring collection. They have a cohesive mix of brights, pastels, and on trend colors.MyOwnJudge New York Color Nail PolishThere’s something about living in New York that gives the inhabitants so much pride. The atmosphere is always buzzing and there isn’t much to keep you sedentary in this city. It doesn’t matter if you were born here or if you moved here, the love just grows with time. It’s partly this mentality that makes me happy to be a patron of all products named after my favorite city. It also helps if the products rock.

As I have mentioned before, drugstore brands are doing serious overhauls of their brands, New York Color included. Their new colors are much more no nonsense than their predecessors, with thicker polish formulation, and less shimmer filled spectrums – and more pure color. The bottles look pretty fancy too. The price though, remains the same.

Have you checked these out yet?

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Pixie Lott – Lipsy SS11 Collection

MyOwnJudge - Pixie LottAs I continue my quest to dominate my closet with colors brighter than the last, the photos of the new spring and summer Lipsy collection designed by Pixie Lott repeat in my head. The collection features a lot of whites, brights and floral patterns, making it known that the three trends are warm weather mainstays.

If you’re curious how the pairing came about, and what it took to create the collection, click over to Pixie‘s webisodes chronicling the events from start to launch here.

What’s your summer wardrobe looking like?

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(Wet n’) Wild About Blush (b’ Bronzer)

MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild BlushCall me the budding drugstore maven, because I have been converted to the land of the under $10 cosmetics. I have some things brewing in the background awaiting the curtains to rise and there is just no room to play around with money and beauty like there used to be (though even then I had no business spending the way I did). Add that to the fact that cosmetics companies have become very cognizant of the fact that customers want quality, pigment, and they want it with a coupon. What better place to do that than a drugstore? Even if the brand doesn’t issue coupons, there are always deals and specials to hook you.MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild BlushI spent some time getting reacquainted with Wet n’ Wild cosmetics. I was already aware of the new lipsticks (which continue to pack a punch might I add – check my older post about them here), but sinfully overlooked their blushes and eyeshadows for a while. Well, my most recent run for milk and soda gave me reason to bring some home with me. I snagged three blushes and a bronzer (and for less than five dollars a pop, you really can get away with buying the whole collection with change to spare). As I set forth to photograph and test the newbies in my arsenal, I couldn’t resist toppling them like dominoes (the photos do the gameplay absolutely no justice!).MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild BlushThe variety of shades are great for different skin tones and color payoff desires (i.e. if you’re a plum/coral/pink fan).

MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild Blush MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild BlushThese powdered gals are great for layering. They went on pretty thin with one swipe and I was worried that hoodwinked, but then a second and third swipe gave priceless payoff. Not to mention, the 80s have been gone for a while, and no one needs the pigmentation three swipes deliver (though it’s good to know it’s a possibility). The photographs are also a bit different in coloring because the right was taken with flash (and is the true to life color).

You can see by the veins that peek through on my hand that despite layering, the colors don’t morph into war paint and become opaque. I had an easy time blending the colors on my hand, so one can only assume it’ll be the same on your face.

Tip: to maintain an even blush/bronzer application, make sure you moisturize your skin and then provide a primer/foundation layer for it to go on top of. The moisturizer will keep your skin moist and prevent drying-cracking mishaps, and the primer (or foundation) will create an even barrier between the powder and your skin, preventing blotchiness and allowing for a smooth blending process.

Have you found any drugstore gems recently?

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Kolor Me Kardashian

MyOwnJudge - Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is infamous for stellar red carpet ensembles, but her makeup has often been one note, in that it normally consists of sky high lashes, bronzer, and a smokey eye.

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome

The media darling sashayed down the red carpet for the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in a subdued look (though with a killer dress as always). While the lashes are threatening to take flight as always, there is far less bronzer or eye shadow present. Just even coverage and the softest peach/coral blush. Call me a fan.
MyOwnJudge - Kim KardashianAny favorites?

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