Talk It Out Tuesday!

I don’t know about you guys, but my inbox is always bursting at the seams with sales offers and notices. Most of these I can certainly do without, but who wants to miss a sale, right? A lot of people offer the great advice of separating e-mail addresses so that you have one for sales and one for personal use, but I must have missed the memo on that one. The only separation for my e-mail addresses are personal vs blog (and even there I have spillover).

Recently though, there has been a new phenomenon in my mailbox. The apology marketing strategy as I’ve come to see it.

Companies will send out mailers, and follow up a day or two with an apology and a new offer. Most of the time they say it was due to a typo or an improper code. The best one was an apology for high traffic and a resolution to the dilemma with a sale extension. All of which at one point or other seems okay. But now? It’s a bit too contrived and just feels like another marketing ploy.

What about you? Have you received an apology sale invite? What do you think about them?

Talk it out!

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Talk It Out Global

I have spent the last couple of days in different environments. I will let you guys in on the photographical journey I embarked a bit later on in the post countdown, but I can discuss things now.

Being from NY, I am much more used to climate changes, higher humidity, and generally “whatever goes.” Our weather switches with seasons and then within switches as well. Sometimes it won’t make sense why it’s snowing in April or hot in December, but you roll with the punches and make it work a la Tim Gunn with whatever your closet holds at the time.

The same applies to your makeup and skincare stash. My NY self arrived in Florida to the definition of southern hospitality from the ClumpsofMascara fam. But I also arrived overpacked. There was much less humidity and wind factor, so my hair behaved a bit more than usual (and I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot in the fall because I am a New Yorker, but that’s besides the point!), and my skin didn’t need as much support with the various options I usually have (moisturizer, SPF, etc.).

Which got me thinking about how much my global positioning has to do with what my makeup and skincare stash holds.

Does your geographic location have any impact on what products you need or use? Talk it out!

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Really – It’s all Good…

PhotobucketAs y’all take a peek at the calendar date and the last time I posted, I’m sure many are sitting there giving me a side eye. Almost a week y’all. That’s how long I took time off from blogging and even scheduling any posts because I felt like first thing’s first. No internet for me.

I spent the days enjoying my birthday week (as I like to call it) meeting with people and sometimes just napping the day away. Maybe it’s that I was tired, but really – I was trying to catch back up to the things in life you can never get back. Time with friends, enjoying the moments as they come, and letting your body do what’s natural.

Now, I’m also a junkie for events and places that are all about expanding my box of memories and my mind. I’ll always look for new places to go and check out, and this week was no different.

As part of the UrbanWorld Film Festival in New York City, I got to see the premiere of Good Hair (and Mississippi Damned – but that’s another story). I loved it to strands [ 🙂 ] just so you know.

The movie comes out October 9, 2009 in select theaters and on October 23, 2009 nationally. I can’t recommend this movie to everyone enough.

Chris Rock did a great job addressing hair and more specifically “bad vs. good hair” and how a lot of people viewed it. Most of the world views the “European” straight and sleek look as the constant optimum.

While I am the first person to say do what makes you feel good, I would love to see more people embracing their natural them and realize that good hair only means “well taken care of.” Bad hair to me is the same as bad skin, or bad anything really- if it’s left alone, uncared for, & unaddressed, what do you expect?

What do you consider good hair?

Check out the trailer below, and the movie when it comes out for yourself!

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Talk About Rules

This Tuesday is a simple Tuesday. Yesterday was Labor Day for me and my fellow US readers, and we also have this odd rule that goes with it.

“Don’t wear white after Labor Day”

Now the only reason for the rule that makes sense to me is the weather change. The federal holiday marks a start of the oncoming fall weather, and thus it would make more sense to wear colors that attract sunlight, and thus warmth.

But really, there are white sweaters out there! 🙂

This Tuesday I want to hear what other funky rules y’all have heard or observe. Regarding clothing though – ’cause we can go on forever!

p.s. disregard the ‘Read more’ for this post. This is all she wrote!

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Talk It Out – Shopper Identification

So this is it y’all. September has hit and so starts the countdown to that special day. What day? My birthday!! As the 23rd fast approaches, so do my bills.

See there’s this phenomenon that occurs around this time every year recently. September hits, and I hit the stores. No matter the resolve, the goals, nothing. Yaya hits up the plastic dreams (and future nightmares lol). I start to buy a thing here and there as my “birthday essentials” and as the purchases get bigger, they become “gifts for myself” … then it becomes “well if no one else gets this for me…”

Right… Well yesterday – as August waved it’s last goodbye and the autumn breeze threw a teaser into the streets of New York, Yaya hit up the stores. I noticed one thing. I have a haphazard shopping pattern in a store.

I walk from front to back and collect everything I like in my size and maybe a size smaller or bigger depending on how questionable the fabric is. Then I get to the fitting room. Most often almost 90% of the items I try on don’t work. As I walk to the register with my feeble shopping cart, I unearth a million and five items I missed but love. This time around, I don’t want to venture back to the fitting room, and once I buy it, I might not even come back in time to return it. I’m trapped.

Now y’all are all shoppers – at one point or another. I’m guilty of falling into this trap even with groceries. Are you just as guilty? Talk to me all about it! 🙂

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Talk It out Tuesday! Like Anna!


Yesterday, when Anna Wintour was on Letterman to promote Vogue’s September Issue documentary, she was asked what a person with a fashion budget of $20 should do with the money.

Miss thang said “Well, you could buy lipstick.”

Now – I am sure I am not the only one that is around stores that have $5 shirts and such, along with clearance places (I got Missoni heels for $19 once!). At the same time, there is a transformation that occurs with a woman’s confidence no matter what the item is. It could be a lipstick, it could be a mascara. It might even be chocolate. 🙂

But – if you were to answer it, or to do it- What would you recommend to spend the $20 on?

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Talk It Out – Convincing Argument Counselor!


Crazy how time flies eh?

This Talk It Out Tuesday is a no frill question for all product junkies and occasional shoppers alike.

The question is: What convinces you to make the purchase?

The other day I was in the drugstore looking for something I haven’t seen before. It’s a terrible method to save money, but a great way to educate yourself with what is out there. I usually always see something different or new to me.

But what happens then? If I’m in a store that’s tester friendly (i.e. Sephora) I check out the product and usually leave. It has to be working my senses over something spectacular to make me walk right up to the register. But even then, by day two I usually have buyer’s remorse. I’m a firm believer in the fact that you aren’t present in the store enough to fully experience the product enough (most of the time) to commit to a purchase.

So, I’ve learned to test if possible, and return the next day if the product delivers (this works best with perfumes as the scents change and linger). Other times, I’ve found requesting samples may get you a surprising answer almost everywhere you go. The most effective method to date though, is reading other reviews and researching the product online. I know – it’s a hassle – but so is wasting money!

What convincing argument does a product need to make for you?

Talk It Out – Get It From Your Momma


Hey readers!

We haven’t talked it out in a whole week, and I’ve been itching to know this one thing. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in addition – plenty people say she gets it from her momma!

There are a million occasions throughout the day in which I find myself mimicking my mother or other people in my fam. We’re all crazy mind you. But I love it. Miss Yaya wouldn’t be so if it wasn’t for the fam.

My mom taught me to stay sunny but to keep my behind out of the sun. Thanks to her, I have never come back from the beach or any vacation with my skin burnt. She’s the one who let me know that Olive Oil is my friend and that my hair requires some deep deep lovin’ (or conditioning) once in a while. Momma always said to never go to sleep with my makeup on and to use as little makeup as possible/needed.

So bring your evidence forward and talk it out! What have you gotten from your momma? Or from someone else in your tree?

What Day is Today?


What day is today? It’s Tuesday, so we gotta Talk It Out! But! Today is also Pampering Day!

No – really. Straight from the Oval Offices at, Today is National Pampering Day, so do your duty and get yourself pampered.

The Talk It Out Tuesday segment of this post is this: For all you financially savvy recessionistas – how do you pamper on a budget?

I like to do my own nails and toes (esp b/c I like to switch up the color at least twice a week & I’m notorious for peeling my polish – don’t scold!) and I’m not a fan of coloring or straightening my hair so that saves a bundle. has some good ideas for recession proof treatments for curly hair here.

What do you do (inexpensive or expensive…) to pamper yourself?

Here is the image they have to give you some ideas if you need a workplace diversion…

National Pampering Day

Be sure to visit to check out great pampering destinations!

Talk It Out Tuesday! Hair!

From We asked our CurlTalkers for their biggest concerns about your curls and kinks, and they told us. The answers covered a wide range of topics, from self-image issues to finding a good stylist. Here are the ones that rose to the top of the list


2. Finding a stylist who understands how to work with curls.

“Finding a stylist who knows how to deal with curly hair without making their curly client look like a mushoom when done. (nightmare process! I just went 6 years without a professional cut!),” said CurlyCassieRo.

4. Unpredictability.

“With the same routine every single day for 30 days, I can have 20 different heads of hair in a month, and maybe only half of them are good, if I’m lucky,” says PrettyPorcupine. “I know you’re just supposed to ‘embrace’ its “unique” personality and be all “free and easy,” but let’s face it. That is just not realistic when you have to look decent for work every day, want to be sure you look good on a date or for a special event, or because you just are so fricking tired of not knowing how the hell your hair is going to look at any given time.”

5. Acceptance of curls in society and in the workplace..

“Every time I pick up a magazine or see a segment on a TV show about “how to manage your curls,” the answer is always to straighten them! It’s insulting,”says Tinah. “The mainstream media pushes straight hair as the only acceptable option. Just once I’d like to read an article on how to manage curly hair that actually tells me how to manage curly hair, not how to make curly hair straight. I’m pretty sure we ALL know how to make it straight! We’ve spent years doing it!”

Click over to to read the rest!

I’m a crazy curls kinda girl y’all and I love it. When I was little I would have it because it was such trouble for other people to brush my hair. I would wear braids a lot. Also – since I was little, whoever did my hair never put products in it, just brush it into a poof and voila – yaya. Not cool.


Once I got the hang of it, it became my trademark. I have only straightened my hair three times in my entire life.

What are your hair concerns? (no matter curly or not!)

Is it hard to maintain it? Do people always ask you why you don’t change it? Tell all!