PurpleLab NYC has Your Lip Luvah

MyOwnJudge - PurpleLab LuvahWhen companies create beauty products, there are a lot of factors that go into the creative process. The color, consistency, and look are one thing, but what about the scent and the flavor? Does it have sunscreen in it, or maybe a plumper, how about pheromones and aphrodisiacs? Maybe mint to freshen the wearer’s breath, or should it last longer than the 9-5 and act as a stain? Most of the time, the wrong combo is created and you have a great looking product on paper that smells like animal musk (not in a good way) and sticks to your hair in the wind and your teeth at all other times, and then of course, companies get it right.

Purple Lab‘s Luvah is “… laced with aphrodesiacs, Complex OO (two plumpers), ylang-ylang, and a kissable vanilla/mint fragrance. There are two shades, named after all the types of guys there are to date! Mama’s Boy (rich nude) and Rich Jerk (a pop of berry).” (source)
MyOwnJudge - PurpleLab Luvah
The compact comes with two colors, a brush applicator, a mirror with the cutest SWAK (Sealed With A Kiss) accent, and the packaging is purple! Not sold?

My favorite feature of the duo is how thick it is. Not on the lips, only on application. I was a bit lazy and used my finger to apply instead of the brush, and was surprised at how little I scooped up with my finger dip. Usually, products like these let my finger dip all the way down to the pan and I end up wasting my money at lightning speed.
MyOwnJudge - PurpleLab Luvah

The stain is a bit lighter than the gloss. The gloss is packed with plenty of shimmer. As mentioned previously, the gloss isn’t uber thick, and is of a comfortable consistency. This has no goopy application that I dread from some of my previous purchases, and won’t hold onto your hair should the wind send it that way.

My favorite part of this gloss is that it smells like a great candy. I don’t think I’ve had anything that is similar to the smell, so I can only call it candy.

I’d recommend purchasing this gloss for the variety of lip looks – a subtle lip stain, a gloss, or if used together, a “3D” lip. The best pro for this compact is the purple packaging. You won’t ever miss the purple square in your handbag, and thus, you’ll always have your Luvah handy!

What’s your lip love?

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Victoria’s Secret Fall Face Kit – Review

MyOwnJudge - Victoria's SecretVictoria’s Secret has been really churning out high numbers of various beauty products. Both of their makeup lines are getting pretty good feedback, and a good amount of money from my pocket. I’m a big fan of the VS lipsticks for their creamy consistency and the color choices, as well as their Beauty Rush lip glosses and shadows.

When I went in for a routine scan of the counters for what I may not need but want, I found the Fall Face Kits. The packaging was yelling at me about the money I can save and the benefit of the kit on the go.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret

MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
The kit is good at describing the trends and the look you are trying to do for cheap on the back, as well as the descriptions for each product inside the packaging. It comes with three eyeshadow colors, a base, a bright pop of color, and a highlight. Also, there is blush for the cheeks, liner and mascara for the eyes, and gloss for the lips.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
My favorite was the face chart. I love face charts for everything, so the packaging premise for this was a 5/5 for me. This of all things is what makes you feel like you’re recreating the runway look featured on the cover.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
Once I got to swatching, I found that the products weren’t as pigmented or as strong as I hoped them to be. Pretty, just not strong.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
The gloss came in rose pink. A shade that would flatter any skin tone, with enough coral, beige, and shimmer for you to break out the song about how Poppin’ your lipgloss is. The liner was creamy but on the light side. Perfect to smudge around for a slight smokey look, or use on the waterline without severe drama. Mascara? It’s pretty average.

Overall, this is an okay buy. The downturn came at the pigmentation and color payoff of the shadows. You would really need to pack these on, or apply them wet for them to be powerful. I think there are drugstore dupes you can get to pull of this look for the same price. The verdict? This is a cute buy to have for the packaging and the basics, but if you really want to pull off the runway look, I suggest you look elsewhere.
Have you tried this?

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ME! Bath is all about… Me!

MyOwnJudge - ME Body ScrubDuring my last drugstore window shopping adventure, I was looking for a new body scrub to try out. Sure I had two favorites (probably the same as plenty others in the world – St. Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub and Victoria’s Secret Garden Love Spell Body Scrub), but a little voice in my head said to try something new. I’ve always used my two favorites simultaneously – St. Ives for the weekly scrub, and Victoria’s Secret for the super scrub sessions. The first is softer on the skin and does a general clear-out of the dead skin cells, whereas the latter is grainier and provides a deeper and thorough scrub (it also has some oils in it to moisturize skin – that kind of scrub can leave you dry as ash if not moisturized!).

As I walked the aisles of the new and improved version of the swanky Duane Reade by Bryant Park (not each one is created equal!), I noticed some goodies. Ice cream cones, bath fizz balls, tubs full of scrub reminiscent of sherbet containers. Was I in a candy store? Nope. This was my first encounter with ME! Bath Products. The brand has an interesting approach to skincare, and if you visit the site, you will find that they have an interesting setup for their site as well!

The sample jars had me sample scrubbing and sniffing jar upon jar of innovative flavors scents (Pomegranate and Hawaiian Plumeria and Freesia convince you?). Scrub granules were on the corners of my nose and my hand with no faucet in sight – if you didn’t know me better, I’d look like I had a problem.
MyOwnJudge - ME Bath Products
Every product has a story, and funny enough, the one I chose is the one they donate a percentage of the sales to benefit Cancer Research. Check it out here!
MyOwnJudge - ME Bath Products

MyOwnJudge - ME Bath  Products
MyOwnJudge - ME Bath Products
Check out the list of ingredients:
MyOwnJudge - ME Bath Products

The scrub has a consistency that is a bit thicker than St. Ives but not as rough as Victoria’s Secret. It smells amazing and my skin loves it. My only gripe is that with the price of the scrub, I would’ve liked for it to be in a squeeze bottle, so that I wouldn’t waste too much product by reaching into the tub and getting all greedy-like when getting ready to scrub a dub dub.

What’s your favorite body scrub?

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Armour Lip Gloss

MyOwnJudge Armour Lip GlossTell me when you have a single day of not needing a lip gloss. No go ahead, tell me… I’ll wait. If there are in fact days that I can’t make it for long without my lip gloss, ipod, or cell phone – I feel naked without these! How sad!

If my bag doesn’t have lip products, my money inevitably gets spent on something new. Most of the time it’s on a cheap filler product and other times on a great newbie. The case with this Armour Beauty lipgloss was neither. I was at The Makeup Show (and going to the show, you can surely expect to spend money before you leave) and met the folks behind the company. They had a quaint setup for the product, and the packaging is pretty smooth too. I invested in a single gloss and promised to do a thorough review. 

The first major win for me was the packaging. I love a good packaged product y’all. If you’re a regular reader on MOJ, you will know this to be a fact. Great packaging is the way into my wallet and heart!
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Want to know more about the brand? Check out the info from their ‘About’ page:
Armour Lip Gloss
p.s. I’m still figuring out the coding for this darn setup, so instead of having a ‘continue reading’ link, please click on the post title to read the rest! If you know the answer to my dilemma, I’d love to hear it!

MyOwnJudge Armour Lip GlossMyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
The color of choice? Dreaming. I always try to get a shimmery gold tone gloss when I try out lip products. Why? Well, the color is generally a pleasing color to look at on everyone. No matter the skin tone, outfit, makeup, etc. The other reason, equally important, is that this shade is the favorite for Mama Yaya. She is the sole benefactor of the goodies that run through my credit card statements, so I try to purchase the ones she won’t roll her eyes at (unless they’re neons and purples – that’s all for me).
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
The ingredient list
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Though the packaging was snazzy looking, the solid glass (or really tough plastic?) made it seem like I’d be losing out on a lot of quality gloss when it came down to the last ounces. I’d have to find out if it’s microwavable, because then we’d be talking. Another downer? The sponge tip applicator. Brushes and plastic wedge tips work best for not sucking up your product, as well as keeping it minimal on the bacteria end.
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Left image is without gloss and right is with. The left came out a bit blurry, but I didn’t pick up on it until the gloss was on and ready for a close up.

Despite all the cons of the gloss, it is very effective. Being that I bought a shimmer gloss (check out the shimmer and opaque varieties here), I can’t talk much about the color – this baby is clear. The shimmer packs a punch though! It does not, and I mean not budge. Unlike other glosses, this one does not leave you with a glitter mustache. All the goods stay right on the kisser!

The consistency is a bit stickier than I expected, but it’s not a nuisance. The best part of it all was how long the gloss lasted past my drinking iced tea straight from the bottle, munching on snacks, talking, etc. I’d say it stayed on for over three hours, and started to fade after that, though the shimmer stayed for a good five to six.

The glosses retail for $19 so it’s not necessarily perfect for an impulse, ‘forgot my regular gloss’ purchase. You know, unless you got it like that. If you’re looking for a ‘by my side forevermore’ gloss though, I’d suggest you take the gamble.

What gloss is rocking your socks?

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Nailene – A Darker French Tip

Nailene French Tip PenEverytime I used a Nailene product, my nails have looked great and super well groomed for a long time.

I find that nail art polishes are sometimes hard to use when trying to achieve a french manicure. The brushes are super thin, and running them in a straight line multiple times so that you have the perfect tip is practically impossible. One extra swipe will make it crooked or globby (an appropriate non word, no?) and will make a hard worked mani end. It’s the worst when you work hard on both hands only to have the tenth finger sully up the plans. Then you may need to use remover (q-tips are best) and heaven forbid you use a cotton ball, because, well, then you can just say farewell to the whole mani idea. Using a q-tip foils these monstrous disasters, but still, isn’t a guarantee of success.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Black French Tip Pen from Nailene. Using the pen makes it so much easier to apply polish, and quite honestly, whatever formula they have for the product makes it dry practically instantaneously.
Nailene French Tip Pen
Nailene French Tip Pen
The kit comes with a black french tip pen and a top coat. This top coat dries magically fast and has lots of shine to it. It’s a top coat for polish though, as through experience I’ve learned that on bare nails it doesn’t last as long. On bare nails, you will most definitely need more than a single coat for long lasting care.
Nailene French Tip Pen
When you get the pen, remove the cap and press it into a piece of paper or tissue. Don’t press it onto your hand or clothing, and please no furniture! You might need to press a couple of times until the whole pen is full of polish. As you see from the above image, these are the four stages. The one on the bottom left seems to be full of polish, but is still lacking a bit on the tip. Sadly, the last image is a bit unfocused where I’d want it to be, but is how the pen should look when it’s really ready for use.
Nailene French Tip Pen
The way I applied it wasn’t necessarily the neatest, but the blame goes to my shaky hand and not the product. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t need double coverage, although you may want to apply some to keep the tips of your nails from rubbing off when doing everyday activities with your hands.

These pens come in white, pearl white, and black. I will get back to you about that last part, because at the time of posting, I found difficulty getting an online store with this pen in stock. They are available at all major drugstores, though.

How do you do your french tips?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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Victoria’s Secret Lipsticks: Good for the Soul

Victoria Secret LipsticksDon’t give me that side eye. I’m back. Life kicked my butt, and I have finally gotten ahead of the rat race to kick it right back into gear. Thanks for being so patient with me all!

I have so many products waiting for me to give them a chance to brighten my day and I wanted to get the ball rolling with Victoria’s Secret lipsticks. You can’t sleep on these babies!

Following an event too many days ago, I remember asking a pretty gal what was on her lips. I thought she had Schiap from NARS but she sure as heck did not. She said the name of the brand and I could swear that was the secret Victoria had been hiding. The shades and the cream consistency of these lipsticks is a bit awe inspiring.

Victoria Secret Lipsticks

Victoria Secret Lipsticks

Victoria Secret Lipsticks Victoria Secret Lipsticks
I got the lipsticks in Showstopper (left) and Vino (right) (check out the selection here). They go on like butter. REALLY.

I can’t wait to get more colors. The colors look the same on the lips as on my hand. I will have more pics soon of how it looks on me.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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How Do You See Your Day in Hell?

MOJ MoxieBy my non-scientific count, the majority of the readers here are female. So it would behoove both you and I for me to share this information. You know our gift? Everybody has a different name for it. The monthly gift, code red, little friend, visitor, Aunt Flo, the red curse, etc. Any gentlemen reading? Not too worry – I won’t be going in specifics. I’m talking about a fashionable and playful way to take care of business!

Now, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Certain things are completely shameless to me. My momma taught me no such thing. When the time of the month came? Shoot, I had to do what I had to do. None of the blushing and carrying a whole handbag to the bathroom. But no judgement here! To each their own. But why not a pretty and fashionable each and own? Enter Moxie. I’ve come to appreciate the Aussies. Spurred on by Nancy from the Informed Makeup Maven, I’ve started to realize all the Aussie in my life has been a pretty 1:1 ratio of fabulousness.

Moxie is a brand that gussies up what is the mundane and necessary. They are the equivalent of having Helloy Kitty band-aids. They put tampons, pads, and panti-liners in cute tins. The name stands for gals with attitude (does it not? check dictionary.comcourageaggressiveness, nerve). I love a company that doesn’t prey on females as weak victims (oh no – we bleed!), but rather as tough beauties with strength (we do it every month with perfect accessories to boot!). Check after the jump for the rest of the scoop.

The tins are packaged with simpled pink stripes and a petite bow. Just enough to keep us girly, but not in a high tower yelping for assistance from a knight in shining armor. It is a new era, ya know. Gals can ride horses too!

I like that the tins are so attractive that you can use them as coin jars or tins for credit cards and cash afterwards. Business cards, or whatever else you can think of!

Here are some screenshots of the packaging:

Did you notice their slogan?

My favorite product from the bunch is the pack of tampons. The design just gets me. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love creative packaging.

These babies are widely available in Australia and New Zealand. No – it doesn’t stop there. Duane Reade carries them on the east coast (and with the recent Walgreens acquisition of Duane Reade, I am not sure about the technicalities of the contracts Duane Reade has with vendors and if there will be rollovers going on) everyone on the other ends of the US or other countries are welcome to visit drugstore.com. The site actually runs very good deals on the Moxie products, and they have some kind of sale going on on a month to month basis.

The actual products are pretty good. I have tried the regular products and they deliver on the promise. I have yet to attempt with the heavy and overnight products, and will let you know when I do. The tampons are a bit more bang for your buck than the pads are, in regards to quantity, but I really feel like the packaging makes up for it. None of the products are over ten dollars and range from four to nine a pack.

They have a Facebook (if you become a fan you can request a free sample!)and Twitter account. The pinup spokesperson, Millie Moxette is the gal behind all tweets. Check her out and tell her @MyOwnJudge sent ya!

How do you make your day in hell brighter?

To remain full transparency with the MOJ disclosure policy, it should be noted that some of these products were provided to the author from the company during a product preview event, and some were purchased in Duane Reade.

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I see 3 Custom Color in my spring forecast

MOJ 3Color CusHow is the weather by you? Some of the chill factor has snuck back in, but the warmth that appeared mid last week has made itself at home in my wardrobe and makeup. Flats and light jackets and blazers are my uniform items to brave the errands of each day. Spring is also notorious (or famous…) for it’s showers. I happen to love the rain, so even if it does, I’m in a great mood. The mere shift in temperature makes me reach for neons and brights. Some of you may not be as crazy. I’ve accepted this fact ;). To adopt a brighter spring mentality, or even to transition into it smoothly, you might need a bit of sheer.

Many people notice a person’s face first. The eyes and the lips. When others notice you, I hope you have a smile readily available. That smile should be decorated with 3 Custom Color. I broke out my Three Custom Color sheer lipstick in Frangipani thinking that it would be bright as the Vegas lights, but found a peppy sheer coat. So I thought of y’all!

Frangipani sounded familiar so I checked the wiki. It is aptly the common name for a range of flowers found in a tropical climate. Tropical climates have rain, and flowers bloom in spring. So really… you need yourself some sheer pink in your life. Check out the swatches after the jump!

My natural lip with no flash. Sorry for the blur. Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me and what I think is clear turns blurry once it hits the computer!

Without flash it looks like it has a bit or orange or coral in it, si?

Left is without flash, right is with flash.

The lipstick felt like it was what I always look for from my lip and cheek stains – the ‘just right’ amount of flush and a bit of shine. I have not yet tried this product on cheeks, but I might just snip off a piece of lipstick and melt it down into a pan and use it as cream blush. If you’re not as experimental, check out the site for some fabulous colors that are easily build-able, given their sheer and soft creamy nature. I suggest Rebecca’s Favorite Blush or Pink Hyacinth.

When people comment on whether a product that offers gloss is sticky or not, I always think that the answer should be yes. Gloss is gooey (excuse the scientific terminology) and it will always stick in some sort of way. If it was powder, the case would clearly be different. With that said, there is no annoying stick factor to this lipstick. It does not work as a suction cup to all stray hairs in the breeze or grab on to any food particles that may come across it when you devour your morning croissant, bagel, or cookie (wouldn’t it be great to have all three without consequences?!).

Three Custom Color is also famous for recreating discontinued colors from any brand and concocting new colors that are just you (click here for more info). I might reach out to them to create the perfect purple lipstick/gloss that I have been craving and will let you know how it goes.

Does your makeup change with seasons? What’s your warmer weather secret?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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Review: Yes to Carrots Hair and Scalp Mask

MOJ Review - Yes to CarrotsSometimes when I lean my head back to relax and close my eyes for a bit on the subway, when I lean forward again, sometimes the metal edges of the walls of the subway car steal a hair or two. The violation of my hair follicle always makes me grasp my head, and the area that was leaning against the wall always feels a little flatter. I know that this happens from the two objects leaning against each other, and pressure, bla bla bla. All I could really hear in my head though were my mother’s warnings to take care of my hair or risk losing it all with age.

A lot of my personality is encased in my hair. Is that weird to say? Anytime someone asks me to describe myself or how I would like to be described, ‘curly’ inches it’s way into the picture – and by all means I am not one to object. So at times when I feel like I have been neglected the curls – well it kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach. Melodramatic, maybe – but absolutely true.

My mission has become to be the ultimate caretaker of my scalp and hair. As I pay closer attention to freshness and youth retention in my skin (moisturizing, SPF, and limit sun exposure), body (exercise and eating right – though I haven’t done much of either well in a while – and you didn’t hear that from me – but I did improve on regular vitamin consumption!), and most importantly my hair and scalp, I find that there are certain measures that need to be taken to continue maintenance. You know – so that if you could compare my body to a vehicle without regular checks under the hood and maintenance, it would just sputter and give up in the middle of the road. Yaya is not giving up in the middle of the road.

Before I took to the army of products itching to be deployed to battle on the shelves of drugstores, department stores, and salons, I sought to declutter my own stash. I found my pot of Yes to Carrots hair mask from the StyleFixx Girl’s Night Out goodie bag (see what was in it here) and brought it with me to the shower.

From the site:
“C is for Hair Care – Hair and Scalp Moisturizing Mud Mask 250ml – 8.45 fl.oz

Experience gorgeous hair like never before with C is for Hair Care.
Moisturizing, softening, detangling, shining, volumizing… need we go on??

C is for Hair Care contains extracts of organic carrot, organic pumpkin & organic orange, rich with Beta-Carotene, Alpha-Carotene, Vitamin E and other enzymes that keep your locks in tip-top condition.

Key Ingredients: Extracts of organic carrot, pumpkin, orange & honey contain Beta-Carotene and Vitamin E to keep your hair moisturized and full of shine.

Instructions: Apply to towel-dried hair and massage thoroughly. Leave on for 12-15 minutes (no cheating!) and rinse with lukewarm water. Use 1-2 times per week.

Tips: For maximum nourishment use twice a week, concentrating on roots and scalp.

First may I point out to the court (that’s you!) that I love things that include carrots and all sorts of other natural ingredients. I like stuff that I have heard was good for you since I was able to understand. I remember when my grandma used to lovingly force-feed me (I was a stubborn child) baby carrots and slices of apples. She would say this one is for mommy, etc. Then she would tell me there were a thousand vitamins in the fruits. Yep. Grandma Yaya made a good sell.

Let me also bring attention to the fact that after I shower I don’t like to walk around with a mask full of product only to go back in to wash it out. So I cheat just a bit. I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner, brush it out, rinse, and then turn off the shower. Then I put on the Yes to Carrots mask in my hair, cover my hair with a shower cap (it’s more for making sure that my hair won’t sneak into my eyes or stick to my back like a wet sock) and continue with other duties like scrubbing my legs, shaving, doing a facial scrub, sometimes even dancing (but careful – the floor is wet). Then I turn the shower back on, wash away my face scrub, soap up, and once all that is done, I remove the shower cap and wash away the mask.

This might have affected my results with the product, but I can tell ya it still does a good job. I don’t know if I would call it a mask, because it feels like a short spout of deep conditioning. The mask smells awfully good (I wouldn’t mind a lotion with that smell) and is creamy – so don’t expect it to come out in glops or to dry up your head like dried mud. It definitely makes my hair feel softer and my scalp more moisturized after use, but to be perfectly honest, I also don’t see it making any miracles happen. 

Something else to consider? After several uses of the mask (twice a week as prescribed – I follow directions sometimes!) and using my Hydroveil scalp oil before I leave, my scalp may not be in need of a miracle. For everyone who has hair that requires higher than average maintenance like mine, it is understood that you don’t leave your hair to fend for itself. You tend to it on a regular basis or pay the consequences.

I really like this hair treatment and recommend it for people who would like to continue to maintain conditioning their hair with a treatment once or twice a week. Have a super dry scalp and super dry hair? You might need to invest in a scalp oil for every day application at first, but this would be a great buy too. I guess for cases that require more attention and more of a miracle, this would be step two as opposed to step one. Make no doubt about it though – this baby is no slouch.

The Yes to Carrots line of products is sold in drugstores and online for $12.99 (for a full list of locations, click here).

Have you ever tried a hair mask?

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Nail Polish is Once Removed

My Own JudgeI have had this product in my possession for a while now and am finally putting it to good use. Being a nail polish fan, sometimes I carry up to five bottles of color on me and when the mood strikes I expect to be able to do a mani on the fly, or remove it just as fast.

Whenever I wanted to do that, the method was simply running to a dollar store or drugstore for the cheapest nail polish remover. This of course had to end because I was amassing more bottles than a whole salon may need, and also because of the bulkiness. Can’t be cute with a large size remover bottle in the purse!

I visited my Rite Aid and purchased Once Removed Nail Polish Remover. This little jewel was interesting because it looks a bit bigger than a normal polish bottle, and the remover applicator is a polish brush as well. It cost me $4.39, but check out the rest of what I think about that after the jump.

Please read the important notice at the end of this post if planning to purchase this product.

I used a strong red color to test out the effectiveness of the product. Put out into main distribution in 2000, Once Removed is described as “the only brush-on, wipe-off polish remover on the market.”

The product is applied with a brush. After a 15-second wait, nails can be wiped clean with a cotton pad and are ready for repainting. Once Removed has appeal because users will not need to touch the solution, says SMS LABS Inc (the manufacturer). It’s neater and provides an easier way to correct the smudges and smears of home manicures.

My first attempt with a cotton pad left my nails a mess. The cotton pulled away into little pieces and left my nail looking a clumpy mess. I found that this product works best with a tissue.

With your nail polish ready for removal, use the brush to apply the product on each nail. It applies a bit like water and I like to make it a medium thick layer on the nail (thin layers don’t pull enough polish off). I like to apply it to all the fingers first and by the time I reach my pinky, the 15 seconds you have to wait has passed. Use a tissue to wipe off the polish from your nails. I have found that if you have multiple coats of polish on, you may need to repeat the removal process. For example, my mani was done with three coats:

My Own Judge

You don’t need more than one tissue, and when removing, don’t use excessive force. This is what your nails look like once you apply the product. I used the tissue to clean up the brush so that the remover in the bottle doesn’t start to get murky from polish leftovers.

My Own Judge

Three coats and one swipe is what brings you this photo. As you can probably imagine, I was wiping the polish off the nail in one long stroke and so the main part of the nail cleaned was the center.

My Own Judge
It takes a couple of attempts for me because I want every single ounce of polish gone when I am using remover. This is a great product for on the go removal for me though.

Pros: Portable, and compact, this is the only product of it’s kind that I know of. It is also affordable and doesn’t require touching the remover. I like to do my own nails so sometimes I am peeved to fix a nail only to find that the cotton pad with remover ruined my other hand, or if I have to specifically do my pedi first so that I don’t ruin my mani when removing polish. Another big plus for me? It doesn’t have that acetone stink to it.

Cons: Now this is a big one. If you are interested in purchasing this product, READ THIS first!! While researching this product, to place a link for purchase, I have found out that this product contains GBL, a “precursor” to the drug GHB, which apart from being highly addictive and illegal for consumption, has often been used in the date rape drug. There are even instances of people drinking this product to get their fix of the drug. You can read about this here and check out the non-profit Project GHB for more info.

Honestly, this by itself would make me not want to purchase any more. It’s still a bit crazy to me because I had no idea about any of this until I typed the name of the polish remover into Google. Organizations and companies are urged to voluntarily remove this from their shelves and I am not sure if my Rite Aid had this as leftovers or is still stocking their shelves with Once Removed, but like I said, I don’t think I will be a repeating customer.

What do you think?

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